Character du Jour: The Gargoyle

“Here in Southside, Freedom City’s most troubled district, it looks like there poor have a new angel watching over them. Dubbed “The Gargoyle”, this rock-like flying creature has done more to reduce the number of muggings in recent months than the combined efforts of the FCPD and other resident superheroes. Whether this watcher from the rooftops really is a gargoyle brought to life or a flying hero with a bad skin condition no one knows. But one thing’s for sure; nights are safer here in Southside with him around. This is Charles Maxfield, for Channel 5.”

What is the creature known as The Gargoyle? None ask this question more often than The Gargoyle it (him?) self. Perched atop the crumbling Gothic façades of Southside’s past, he’s heard many sermons and seen much of the human condition, blemishes and all. Much like his namesakes, The Gargoyle will sit motionless for hours pondering the nature of good and evil, the name of God and other such esoteric questions. He’s become something of a guardian angel above Our Lady of Mercy shelter (see p63, Freedom City) where he frequently roosts to hear the nun’s chatter. Occasionally he travels further afield, setting on the eaves of St George’s Cathedral on Holy Days. He tends to leave saddened and confused why so much ritual has replaced the simple act of doing good.

The Gargoyle has developed something of a friendship with the Djinn who lives in the clouds above the Southside Mosque though he’s much less interested in the affairs of man. Mind you, he does play a mean game of chess.

In combat, The Gargoyle’s favourite tactic is to swoop down on his victim, heft him into the air and deposit them one one of Southside’s more inaccessible rooftops to cool off. He’ll usually try to engage them in conversation about the nature of Evil and the choices men make. Unsurprisingly, your average mugger isn’t in much of a mood to talk 150′ in the air hanging onto aged guttering.

Dirty Little Secret: To be discovered. Is he a real Gargoyle given life, a stony angel, a warped human mutant or something else? Only play will tell! Sometimes it’s fun keep the character’s past empty and let the backstory evolve all on it’s own.

Notes: Damn, I’m pleased how this character came out. I love the idea of a philosophical Gargoyle who makes his home in the worst district of a city. Southside is much like Hell’s Kitchen where poverty and evil walk hand-in-hand.Places like Our Lady of Mercy shelter and folks like The Gargoyle are tiny pin-pricks of hope amid the darkness.It’s a place where even heroes treat it like a blind-spot in their super-vision.

This character began life as a 3D Render where I was experimenting with an awesome stone-like skin texture. Here’s how he progressed from concept to final; click on each to view large.

The Gargoyle PL 10
Str 34, Dex 14, Con 30, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 10
Toughness +10/+15, Fort +15, Ref +8, Will +6
Attack +8 (Unarmed +8 DC 27), Defense +5, Grapple +20/+23, Init +2

KS:Theology & Philosophy +6, Notice +7, Search +4, Stealth +8
Favoured Opponent 2 (Demons), Improved Grab, Improved Grapple, Move-by Action

Density 10 (+20 STR, Innate, Permanent)
Immovable 3
Protection 5
Super Strength 3
Flight 4 (100mph, Power Loss 2: if wings bound)
Immunity 14 (Aging, Life Support, Sleep, Starvation, Thirst, Condition:Cold)
Impervious Toughness 10
Super Senses 2 (Darkvision)

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  1. Just seeing the title of the article in my feed got me to thinking about how all the gargoyles I’ve seen on comics invariably have the whole stone thing going on…

    And, then my imagination started being contrary. I might have to write what I came up with up and post it on my own blog. Thanks!

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