I hate BT and Tiscali

You might have noticed that things have been a bit strange and stilted over in Greywulfland of late. Thanks to a series of monumental cock-ups by BT, and further exaggerated by Tiscali, we’ve been netless at home for the best part of a month now. That’s a long and angry blogpost for another time though. Right now we’re relying on the miracle that is free wifi hotspots (love you, Hobby Horse in Chesterfield!) for our internet needs so I’ve been preblogging and scheduling posts to keep things going over here.

Which all, I hope, goes to explain why I’ve been pretty quiet on the comments front over on everyone else’s blog, and probably why recent blogposts have followed a certain theme :D

Normal service, as they say, will be resumed as soon as possible.

Thanks for the comments and link love, all!

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