Sometimes it's fun just to sit back and listen

“You arrive here.” (I show them this picture)

“This is the dungeon?”
“That thing on top looks like a spaceship. Cool!”
“Maybe it’s bigger on the inside, like the TARDIS.”
“Is there a way in?”
“Uhhh…. not an obvious one, no.”
“Great. We need a ladder. Anyone know levitate?”
“I can give you a boost on my shoulders. Strength 16. What armour are you wearing?”
“Plate. I can take it off though and you can pass it up to me when I’m in.”
“OK. Let’s do that.”
(Gar the Fighter strips down to his undies and climbs onto the Ranger’s shoulders.)
A man walks up to you. “Excuse me. What are you doing?”
“This isn’t the dungeon, is it?”


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  1. I can’t help but notice a slight parallel to a game I ran a few years back.

    In this case, it was a roll-up service door on the backside of a science facility. I described the door and attendant keypad (broken). I shit you not, 2-1/2 HOURS of heated debate ensued. They worked out an entry strategy, possible bad guy deployment, interrogation methods, EVERYTHING!

    Then someone remembered the door was still closed. The dumb fighter, who proceeded to rip it off it’s silly little hinges and trigger the waiting (and getting impatient) ambush. One of my favorite sessions, still referred to as “the garage door incident.”

    Donny_the_DMs last blog post..Skill Challenges – As flexible as the rest of the system.

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