Character du Jour: Metal Bear

“…. Metal Bear. Come in, Metal Bear. Over.”
“‘Bear, this is an extraction. C’mon man, even you shouldn’t be able to find anything to hit this time. Over.”
“Yeh, well the extractEES don’t want extractING. Takin’ some persuading. Out.”

What do you do when you’re lucky enough to be born with accelerated healing? Join the army, of course. That was the conclusion Abel “Metal Bear” Ellis came to; after all, what better way to get to play with tons of junk, bust a few heads and make the world a better place?

Then came the experiments.

First, they boosted his natural healing ability to extraordinary levels – anything short of death, and he’d back up and walking around like nothing happened 20 minutes later. Then, they pumped him so full of experimental drugs his skin turned grey. On the good side though, he can benchpress 800lb and run 50 miles without breaking sweat.

Finally, they grafted a blade right inside his armbone, just to see if it would take.

Metal Bear didn’t join the army to become their plaything. He’d joined to do good, and when his tour was over he walked. Now, he’s a hero for hire so long as the cause is worthwhile and the pay good enough to keep him in bike parts. He travels light – his bike is loaded up with a few changes of clothes and just enough tech for each mission (commlink, GPS, binoculars, goggles & flashlight – he has simple needs).

Metal Bear is a big ol’ beef of a man who is happier around animals and engine parts than he is around folks. That’s how he got the nickname – he’s either playing with metal, or playing with bears.

Dirty little secret: No guns. That’s unusual for an army guy – but ‘Bear knows that guns can kill innocents as well as the guilty. He’s killed enough innocents with a bullet in his time. Now, he’d rather get close and get sure.

Notes: Wolverine redux, shamelessly. Here’s Mutants & Masterminds showing it can do Iron Age style just as well as it does Four Colour Silver Age – or anything else you throw at it.

M&M is a system that’s as granular as you want it to be, and Metal Bear is a pretty good case in point. His armblade is as simple as “Strike 3, Mighty” meaning it adds +3 to his damage roll on top of his normal Strength-based damage. On the other hand, his Regeneration goes right down to each type of damage, with Bruises literally fading as quickly as they come, Injuries healing in a minute and even major Disabling wounds healing in 20 minutes. That can all be fine-tuned to create exactly what you want. Perfect.

Metal Bear
Str 20, Dex 16, Con 30, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 11
Tough +10, Fort +15, Ref +12, Will +6

Regeneration 24 Ability Damage (1/5mins), Recovery +6, Bruised (1/rnd no rest), Disabled (1/20mins),     Injured (1/min), Staggered (1/rnd), Unconscious (1/rnd)
Armblade: Strike 3 (Mighty, DC23, critical 18-20)

All-out Attack, Ambidexterity, Animal Empathy, Attack Focus (Melee) 4, Blind-Fight, Defensive Attack, Elusive Target, Equipment 3, Improved Critical Strike 2, Improved Initiative, Sneak Attack 2

Bluff +4, Computers +2, Disable Device +4, Drive +10, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate +2, Investigate +3, Stealth +3 (+8 in camos)

Equipment: Motorcycle, Commlink, Binoculars, Camo Clothing, Flashlight, GPS Receiver, Night Vision Goggles

Defense +10, Init +7, Melee +12, Ranged +8

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