Character du Jour: Attan

When the Worldstorm hit and changed the face of the Earth, everything we thought we knew was ripped apart. Countless died but many survived; a lucky few gained powers beyond belief, a new breed of heroes to fight the terrors that the Worldstorm spawned.

And the creatures of legend walked the Earth again. Attan is one such myth woken from deep slumber beneath the Hills outside Freedom City. A giant from a time before man’s dominance of the world, he’s thrust into a land of steel and concrete and cars and technology. It’s fortunate indeed that the Heroes found him and taught him much of our ways. Attan’s keen sense of honour and justice drives him on to find his place in this world; like any force of Nature though, the other Heroes are wary that one such as Attan could be turned to evil.

Dirty Little Secret: Attan feels the constant pull of the Hills and longs to be able to merge with the Earth and sleep once more. Something out there prevents him. Something big, and dark.

Notes: Not just a Giant, but a Superhero Giant! Attan is 21′ tall and is strong beyond comprehension, able to lift 11,500 tons – about the weight of a destroyer – or pick up a Lear Jet without breaking stride. He can leap great distances just like the Hulk, and as an Elemental force of Nature he can travel through the Earth or climb buildings by merging with their surface. In combat he’s not exactly difficult to hit, though very hard to hurt. With his 10′ reach, awesome Grapple (+40!) and ability to send shockwaves through the air or ground with his fists and feet, it’s best not to get too close. Out of state, perhaps.

And yes, this is a playable character in one of my games.

Dude, you don’t mess with the Giant. You just don’t.

Attan PL 10, 150pp
Str 18/34, Dex 16, Con 18/26, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 14
Tough +8/+16, Fort +15, Ref +6, Will +6
Defense +4, Melee +8, Ranged +4
Grapple +30/+40, Knockback resist -16, Init +3

Climb +7, Gather Info +3, Intimidate +12, Notice +5, Search +5, Survival +7, Swim +12
Accurate Attack, Attack Focus (Melee) 4, Endurance 4, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple

Growth 8 (Permanent)
Protection 8
Super-Movement 4 (Sure-Footed 2, Wall-Crawling 2)
Super-Strength 10 (Thunderclap (60′, DC22), Groundstrike (120′, DC22), Shockwave (+12 Cone 120′, DC22))
– AP: Burrowing 6 (50mph, no tunnel)
– AP: Leaping 7 (5,500′)

Size Huge, height 21’2″, reach 10′; Light load 1.9k tons, Med load 3.8k tons, Heavy load 5.7k tons, Max Load 11.5k tons, Push/Drag 28.7k tons

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