Power Word: Superhero

9th level D&D spells converted to Mutants & Masterminds, just because. I’ve put down ranks, Flaws and Feats where they fit according to ranges, durations and the spell descriptions; adjust to taste. I’d said before you could reproduce 9th level spell effects at Power Level 10. That was close – I reckon you could create a passable 20th Level Wizard around Power Level 12 in M&M. That’s where I’d peg a typical member of the Green Lantern Corps, so that feels about right to me.

Because M&M is an effects-base system there’s more than one way to re-create D&D’s spell effects, so I’m sure M&M gamers could cheerfully rip this list apart and create it completely differently. Consider this a starting point :D .

Astral Projection – Astral Form 12
Crushing Hand – Telekineses 10 (Damaging)
Disjunction – Nullify 12 (All Magic, Nullifying Field, Area:Burst)
Dominate Monster – Mind Control 12 (Mental Link, Subtle 1, Conscious, Duration 2 (continuous))
Energy Drain – Drain 12 (All traits)
Etherealness – Insubstantial 4 (Affects Others)
Foresight – Super-Senses (Magical Awareness, Danger Sense)
Freedom – Teleport 6 (Change Velocity, Full Power, Limited:Straight up only, Attack (save:Will), Long-Range)
Gate – Teleport 12 (Dimensional 3, Portal, Linked to:Summon 10)
Hold Monster, Mass – Paralyze 12 (Area: Burst, Selective Attack, Range 1 (ranged))
Imprisonment – Teleport 6 (Change Velocity, Full Power, Limited:Straight down only, Attack (save:Will), Long-Range)
Meteor Swarm – Blast 12 (Split Attack 4, Area:Explosion)
Power Word Kill – Transform 12 (living thing to dead thing, Duration 1 (continuous), Permanent)
Prismatic Sphere – Force Field 12 (Impervious, Noticeable, Ablative, Linked to Triggered effects)
Refuge – Teleport 12 (Long-Range, Affects Others, Limited:Requires figurine)
Shades – Magic 12
Shapechange – Shapeshift 12
Soul Bind – Life Control 12 (Limited:To capture a soul only)
Summon Monster IX – Summon 10 (Mental Link, Minions 2 (up to 5 minions))
Teleportation Circle – Teleport 12 (Portal, Long-Range (full action, 20 million miles))
Time Stop – Time Control 2 (Share, Rapid Attack)
Wail of the Banshee – Blast 12 (Area: Cone, Penetrating)
Weird – Illusion 12 (Phantasms, Progression: Area 3)
Wish – Transform 12 (Anything)

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