Character du Jour: Bolt

Jeff Bolt could blame the drugs, but that would be like blaming the music, his lifestyle or his circle of friends. He could blame himself. Instead, he chose to blame no one, and embrace what they did to him.

The high was the most intense he’d ever known, and he woke surrounded in a pale corona of flame. It took a while (and a completely destroyed apartment) before Jeff realised this was no hallucination. Ever the experimenter, Bolt accepted and studied his new-found powers before pondering what to do with them. The criminal life held no appeal to this thrill-seeker, and that left only one option in Jeff’s mind.

He still feels that high. For as long as it lasts, Bolt’s out catching bad guys.

Dirty little secret: Someone out on the streets is releasing metahuman drugs into the wild. Jeff is a success and the makers are bound to come knocking sometime soon. Perhaps his powers are only temporary and they’ll offer another hit in return for a favour or two……….

Notes: Here we have a character whose main shtick is his Firebolt. Along the way he’s picked up a couple of extra tricks (called Alternate Powers) which he can use instead of his Firebolt. He can absorb energy targeted at him and use that to boost his Firebolt further; he can control any fire in the area, create a Flaming Sword or increase the heat in a huge area up to desert level temperature. That’s a darned good way to make a 5000′ radius of Minions pass out due to heat exhaustion, and the effect takes a whole day to return to normal. Bwahahahaha!

Oh, and he can fly (self controlled heat thermals), has a force field (micron-thick intense heat shield that melts anything and disipates energy that comes close before it touches him) and he is, of course, completely immune to fire.

God I love Mutants & Masterminds. Have I mentioned that before?

Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 16

Firebolt (Kinetic Control 12; DC27, range 120′)
– AP: Absorb Flame (Absorption 6; absorb Energy, Boost Firebolt)
– AP: Control Fire (Element Control 12; fire)
– AP: Flaming Sword (Strike 12; DC27)
– AP: Heat Environment (Environment Control 10; radius 5000′, range 100′, Extreme Heat, Slow Fade – 1 day)
Flight 4 (100mph)
Force Field 10 (Impervious)
Immunity 5 (fire)

Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Power Attack, Precise Shot 1, Quick Change 1, Taunt
Acrobatics +8, Bluff +13, Climb +3, Computers +6, Concentration +8, Notice +8, Profession:DJ +5

Toughness +2/+12*, Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +8
Attack +8, Defense +8, Init +4

7 Comments on “Character du Jour: Bolt”

  1. Hehe, yes, you’ve mentioned that you love M&M! I am currently rereading the fluff parts of the 1st Edition rulebook right now and I am going to run a superheroes campaign as soon as I can convine my players. ;)
    By the way, what is the source of these rendered images you use? Do you create them yourself, do you have some CGI artist chained to the wall in your cellar, is there a simple software that you use? I am looking forward to your answer!

  2. I am that chained artist in the cellar. All my own work :D .

    These days, I use DAZ Studio. It’s a free 3D rendering program that’s (for my needs, anyhow) evety bit as good as Poser when it comes to working with figures. I wrote about how to get started using it here.

    If you want a render of your very own, just holler!

  3. I am impressed! I think I will have to check out that software myself. At one of my jobs I had the opportunity to play around with Softimage XSI and Maya, so I am no complete stranger to 3D modelling. *Sigh* I need more free time…

  4. You know I’ve played many superhero games, and have yet to find one that I’m 100% happy with. I really tried and wanted M&M to be that game. I’m even a regular poster over on the M&M boards, as I like the community. But neither me nor my group we’re able to get into the game. Mostly it’s the combat resolution mechanics I’m not happy with, and that being a big part of a supers game means no M&M for me. Also I prefer more street level games, Powerman and Ironfist and Daredevil types over Superman and Hulk and M&M dosen’t do the street stuff so well.
    I do like the setting though.

  5. @GrayPumpkin Thanks for the comment :D

    The combat mechanics do take a little while to get your head around, especially if you’re used to more D&D-style systems. After much playing and headthinking, we’ve found it more than capable of anything we throw at it though. Fun and fast too.

    Maybe I’ll make a “how to do street-level combat in M&M post” for ya!

    Oh, and I love Daredevil too.

  6. A street level post would be great, if you are up to it. I may give it another look, while own the second edition, Ive only played it once, unlike first which we played for the better part of a summer.
    There’s a lot I do like about the game, like ease of character creation, though I think second ed is more involved. Power stunts, which really capture a comic feel, I think. It’s just the way combat works that hasn’t sat well with me.

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