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How would you like to see your own newspaper full of only the stuff that interests you? Something like this, maybe………

(with apologies to Phil – he got the lead story!)

Feed Journal lets you do just that – give it RSS feeds and add them to categories, and it’ll spit you out a beautifully formatted newspaper-style PDF whenever you want. Get it to pull only the new stuff, or everything over a certain time period. It’s great if you want to be able to read geek-stuff on the train and still look business-like.

Hopefully, they’ll soon add the ability to import an OPML feed listing meaning it’s a moment’s work to export your feeds from Google Reader and drop them straight into Feed Journal. Until then it’s all manual, baby.

It’s a terrific addition to the RPG Bloggers network set o’toys. See your words in print! Bask in your newsprint glory! Or, more seriously, print out a newspaper of your campaign journal and adventure log. They look so freakin’ cool. Seriously, they do.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a mini-version of mine – or click on the link in the sidebar to grab a PDF of this site!

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  1. Thought you’d all like it :D

    If you want a PDF ‘paper just of your own blog, Feed Journal Publisher is what you need. It doesn’t auto-update though, so just remember to update the PDF yourself now and then, and drop the widget text into your sidebar. Well worth it.

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