Sunless Citadel 4e: More Treasure!

Time to start allocating treasure to the rest of the Sunless Citadel. As before, I’m using the output from Quartermaster and slotting Potions of Healing where I feel they’re appropriate, deducting 50gp from the treasure total as we go.

Part two – 22 to 41
Encounter 41 is the Hall of the Goblin Chief and it’s a big-ass encounter where the party is going to need all of the help and magic items they can lay their hands on.  Quartermaster offers up the Staff of Winter and a +2 Weapon; I’ll make sure they’re available before Room 41, and put the Bag of Holding, 3 healing potions and a fair amount of treasure as their reward. As this is probably going to be a climactic end-of-session battle, and a levelling opportunity too, the players will think all their birthdays have come at once :D .

As before, if there’s a weapon in a room with an intelligent monster, it’s going to be in their hands and they’re have to fight to get it. You knew that already, right?

25. [Level 4 Magic Item]: Staff of Winter +1 (Player’s Handbook, page 242 (Staffs)) (rises out of the frost-covered fountain if the words are spoken)
27. [Level 3 Magic Item]: Bracers of the Perfect Shot (Player’s Handbook, page 244 (Arms Slot Items))
30. [176.8 gp]: 69 gp, 75 sp, 30 cp + 1 garnet (100 gp)
36. [62.4 gp]: 60 gp, 18 sp, 60 cp
37. [Level 6 Magic Item]: Magic Weapon +2 (Player’s Handbook, page 235 (Magic Weapons)) & [176.8 gp]: 168 gp, 82 sp, 60 cp
40. [83.2 gp]: One Potion of Healing, 16 gp, 68 sp, 40 cp
41. [Level 5 Magic Item]: Bag of Holding (Player’s Handbook, page 253 (Wondrous Items)) & [260 gp]: Three Potions of Healing, 4 gp, 52 sp, 80 cp + 1 moonstone (100 gp) & [291.2 gp]: 82 gp, 88 sp, 40 cp + 2 jade gems (100 gp each)

Part three – 42 to 56
And this takes us right to the end with the final encounter at the base of the Gulthias Tree.

43. [81.6 gp]: One Potion of Healing, 22 gp, 87 sp, 90 cp
45. [231.2 gp]: 28 gp, 25 sp, 70 cp + 2 peridot gems (100 gp each)
47. [340 gp]: 34 gp, 52 sp, 80 cp + 3 turqoise gems (100 gp each)
48. [231.2 gp]: Two Potions of Healing, 124 gp, 69 sp, 30 cp
50. [Level 5 Magic Item]: Symbol of Battle +1 (Player’s Handbook, page 237 (Holy Symbols)) & [108.8 gp]: 103 gp, 53 sp, 50 cp
56. [Level 7 Magic Item]: Belt of Sacrifice (Player’s Handbook, page 253 (Waist Slot Items)) & [Level 6 Magic Item]: Magic Wand +2 (Player’s Handbook, page 242 (Wands)) & [Level 4 Magic Item]: Thunderburst Longsword +1 (Shatterspike) (Player’s Handbook, page 236 (Magic Weapons)) & [380.8 gp]: 74 gp, 61 sp, 70 cp + 3 garnet gems (100 gp each)

And we’re done! That took all of 5 minutes to allocate. Where Sunless Citadel gives other treasure, give out d4-1gp, d100 sp, d20 cp and replace any scrolls with equivalent Ritual Scrolls.

All that’s left to do now is look over the encounters and pull a few of them together into location-based encounters (reducing their numbers accordingly) and collate the lot into a single PDF. That’ll be the topic, next time.

It’s not a perfect, finely crafted conversion, but it’s good enough to be played. My goal was to see if a 3e adventure could be quickly and easily converted – and the answer is a resounding YES!

Total time taken: 65 minutes

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