Character du Jour: Paragirl One

Meet Sara Chambers, the Genetically Modified Gal. Born to loving parents, little did she know she was just one more experiment to her father, evil villain (but loving family man) Doctor DNA. Sara was created to be everything her father wanted for mankind ; a super-strong living weapon with the power to destroy tall buildings with a single punch.

Then came the day when Sara found out that the people she loved, the folks who tucked her in at night and told her there were no monsters under the bed…… were the monsters. She was ten at the time, caught between heroes in battle with her father and his genetically created mutant monsters. She’d been taught to think for herself, to question authority and take what she wanted.

So she did. She took the side of the heroes.

Ten years have passed and her parents are still in maximum security prison; she visits them every Christmas. Her father has spoken only once to her in all that time.  Just four words, uttered last year.

“You have a brother.”

Dirty little secret: C’mon – her father is an evil criminal mastermind, what more do you want? Here’s a good little secret instead: she believes she’s an angel sent to atone for her father’s sins. I blame the mother.

Notes: Sara Chambers is a Paragon, a superwoman gifted with strength and endurance far beyond the human norm.  She has the toughness to withstand a point-blank rocket shell without breaking stride and the power of flight. As a full-time hero she has no secret ID, and little understanding of how the “real world” works; she’s been among heroes (and villains) all her life.

Stat-wise, Sara is a lightly-modified Paragon archetype straight out of the Core Rules. That’s number 1,327 of the reasons why I love Mutants & Masterminds so much: standard generic heroes right in the book ready to play or customize! Paragons are about the simplest characters to stat up – just look at that minimal sheet. Lovely stuff. Take that, per Encounter weirdness!

Legs to infinity, and beyond!

Paragirl One AKA Sara Chambers, PL10
Str 34, Dex 12, Con 34, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 14
Toughness +12, Fort +12, Ref +6, Will +8
Notice +9, Search +8

Flight 5(250mph), Immunity 9 (Life Support), Impervious Toughness 12, Quickness 3, Super-Strength 6 (max lift: 180 tons)

Attack +8, Damage +12 (unarmed), Defense +8, Init +1

2 Comments on “Character du Jour: Paragirl One”

  1. Pick one:

    1. They chafe
    2. She doesn’t need them
    3. It’s very difficult to find a model of a pair of superhero pants that don’t look like rejects from the ’60s (true)
    4. Power Girl doesn’t wear pants, and she’s a homage
    5. Streamlining during flight
    6. Her parents didn’t teach her about modesty
    7. I’m lazy


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