Character du Jour: The Red Knight

No one knows for certain who is behind the mask of the Red Knight. The leader of the Sword Coast Revengers has maintained anonymity throughout his extensive career, though he has been linked more than once to Sir Antoni of Sark. Anyone who knows this half-elven dilettante pours scorn on such an idea, as his anti-adventurer stance is well known. Given the choice, he would force them all to register, or face persecution.

The question remains: who is the man behind the mask of iron?

Dirty Little Secret: Womanizer, reformed alcoholic and possible evil alien Doppelgänger. Sir Antoni has more dirty little secrets than most folks have clean ones.

Notes: With Powers like Tide of Iron, Steel Serpent Strike, Dance of Steel, Iron Bulwark and Rain of Steel there’s no prizes for guessing who this guy is. Not a member of the Justice League of Faerun, but it looks like I’m lining myself up to stat the Sword Coast Revengers afterwards. And who says 4e is like having  Superheroes in Fantasy? I’m generating the top-tier guys as 10th because that’s the limit of my comfort zone in 4e, and I prefer my heroes to be more street-level than cosmically powered. If you prefer your fantasy-version Batman, Superman and the rest up there in the high twenties or 30th level, stat ’em yourself!

Love that his armour is black by default, and turns red in battle. Way to go quick-changing armour and Secret IDs! :D .

For an even awesomer Fantasy-style Iron Man (and a whole host of others), check out 1602.

I will make a better render than this of The Red Knight. I will I will I will.

The Red Knight Lawful Good Male Half-Elf Fighter-10
Str 18, Con 18, Dex 10, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 14

HP 87, bloodied 43, surges 21 x 15/day
AC 25 (Black Iron Plate +2, Helm of Battle +1), Fort 21, Ref 16, Will 17, Squares 5, Low-light vision, Resist 5 necrotic, Resist 5 fire
Armor Proficiency (Plate), Durable, Jack of all Trades, Mounted Combat, Potent Challenge, Skill Training (Arcana)

Lightning Longsword +2: +15 vs AC,1d8+4, versatile
Cleave/at-will +15 vs AC
Tide of Iron/at-will +15 vs AC
Unbreakable/enc, Commander’s Strike/enc (ally adds your intelligence bonus to damage)
Steel Serpent Strike/enc +15 vs AC
Dance of Steel/enc +15 vs AC
Iron Bulwark/enc +15 vs AC
Boundless Endurance/day, Rain of Steel/day, Stalwart Guard/day, Villain’s Menace/day +15 vs AC, Victorious Surge/day +15 vs AC; reliable
Group Diplomacy, Dual Heritage, Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, One-handed Style

Arcana +11, Athletics +12, Diplomacy +11, Endurance +12, Insight +9, Intimidate +12,
+2 to all other skills due to Jack of all Trades

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  1. I considered that, but wanted to keep this one as simple a build as possible. The Lightning Longsword is pretty blasty, and I gave him Skill Training (Arcana) and Jack of all Trades to reflect his inventive and knowledgeable nature.

    Mobility is an issue – no flying dudes! – so I gave him Mounted Combat. The image of Iron Man on a horse is good good to pass up :D .

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