The Justice League of Faerun

It’s Idle Thought Wednesday, so here’s my idle thought: The Justice League of America – as D&D characters! What races and classes would you pick for each superhero to re-create the iconic super-super-group as Fantasy heroes? I’ll start with suggestions for the Big Seven. If you want to play along, Wikipedia is, as ever, a brilliant resource about the many members through the team’s history.

Superman – Human Paladin. Obviously.

Batman – Gnome Artificer and counterpoint to the Big Cheese’s Lawful Good outlook. Got to love the idea of Batman as a gnome. Robin would, of course, be a Halfling Rogue.

Wonder Woman -Drow Cleric. Diana Prince would make a great drow.

Flash -Elf Ranger. Just add the Fast Runner feat. Several times.

Green Lantern – Human Ranger, multi-classed Wizard. Favours conjuring spells. Scared of Yellow Musk Zombies. And Yellow Mould.

Aquaman – Sahuagin Warlord. Ugly, but effective.

Martian Manhunter – Doppelganger Paladin. Because the very thought of a Doppelganger Paladin is so very Martian Manhunter-ish.

Now it’s your turn. Can you improve on my suggestions? Want to suggest a race/class combo for Plastic Man? Any valid D&D race or class is fair game, and any edition. Bonus points will be awarded for using Core 4e and providing full stats :D .

Over to you!

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  1. I don’t know if I would make Batman a gnome. Yes, it would be funny, but I don’t think it fits. I think a half-elf CG paladin, he IS the Dark Knight after all, with the dilettante feat from 4E would be better because it would allow him to take abilities from other classes, such as rogue or artificer. But, yes, Robin would be a halfling rogue. :)

  2. Superman – Well, he’s technically not human – though he looks like one. I’d go with Aasimar. Paladin? Sure.

    Batman – I’m going to say human. Class-wize, this is the hard one – and it depends on which angle you take: gadgeteer? investigator? martial artist? strategist? Ultimately, I’ll say ranger with warlord multiclassing.

    Wonder Woman – I understand the Drow thing, but the only thing that has going for it is the matriarchy. I’ll say Eladrin Paladin, possibly multiclassing with warlord.

    Flash – In 3.5, I’d go multiclass Monk/Scout. Flurry of Blows and Skirmish. Make him a Gnome. Barry was a chemist. In 4.0? Maybe Eladrin warlock with ranger multiclassing.

    Green Lantern – He’s super-strong-willed: Dwarf. Based on the Dragon article, Artificer seems to be a decent fit. Otherwise, I’d make him a wizard with fighter multiclassing.

    Green Arrow – Elf Ranger.

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  3. @Tony With all those gadget and the ability to fade into the shadows, Bats has GOT to be a gnome artificer :D Oh ok. Half-Elf Raladin/Rogue then.

    @Stuart Superman = Aasimar Paladin. Good call.

    I’d still go with Cleric for Wonder Woman. She is High Priestess of Aphrodite, after all. And the lasso is a very cool solution to the “no edged weapons” rule. I think she’d look extremely hot as a Drow too, but that’s just me and my twisted mind :)

    Flash as a Monk/Scout works well. Another gnome! And I love your GL and GA ideas.

    Damn. I’m going to have to render all these now!

  4. Superman – Paladin, yep. In 3e, I’d have gone with human with a template like half-celestial attached. (Other half? Also celestial. The “half-celestial” template isn’t anything like ‘half the power of the “celestial” template’, though. One of those oddities of the system.) 4e, he just gets a unique race with bonuses to damn near everything.

    Batman – In 3e, Monk, except with five times the normal number of skill points, and every skill’s a class skill for him. In 4e, I’d actually be tempted to try building him as a warlock — except that his “arcane” powers are actually martial. Invisibility, teleport, a bit of flight, all within theme, and Shadow Walk seems made for Batman. Multiclass with rogue or ranger and pick up a few powers from their list, to round things out. A little flavor changing goes a long way. He’s human; his whole big thing is that he’s in the same category as all these other guys even though he’s “only” human, after all.

    Robin – Halfling rogue sounds right.

    Wonder Woman – Fighter, or maybe paladin, with some warlord powers thrown in for good measure. Warforged — she was sculpted out of marble and then brought to life, or something like that, last I checked. (Or maybe they’re re-re-retconned that — that was a while ago.)

    Flash – Elf ranger seems about as close as 4e can get. The pre-errata Blade Cascade was very Flash-ish.

    Green Lantern – Depends on which one. Hal “Big Boxing Glove” Jordan would be a ranger — he hit things a lot. Kyle “Anime Overdose” Rayner would be a wizard — he used his ring to separate, push, immobilize, and otherwise control. Alan Scott would be a paladin/warlord — he was always getting in close to mix it up. Guy Gardner would be a fighter/ranger. John Stewart (cartoon version, at least) would be a ranger with some wizard powers thrown in. I like the dwarf suggestion, and githzerai is also appropriate. (Alan’d be human, though.)

    Martian Manhunter – Doppelganger warlord. He’s strong, yeah, but he mostly telepathically connects everyone and helps them coordinate in a fight. That’s warlord turf. Give him the paladin’s level 6 “One Heart, One Mind” power though.

    Aquaman – Water genasi fighter. Breathes water, check. Strength bonus, check. Talks to fish… hrm, well, it isn’t perfect. :p

    Might try writing up “Warlock Batman” though. That could be fun.

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  5. @Scott Love this! Thanks for the input.

    Batman as a Warlock, eh? Yep, I can see that working. I reckon old Bats is going to be the trickiest build of all. No surprises there. Think I’ll let you have a stab at that one first :D .

    A Warforged Wonder Woman works, if only for the alliteration.

    Alan Scott is far and away my favourite Green Lantern, and I agree about him being a Paladin/Warlord, especially in that awesome armour of his. As he’s in the Justice Society (I love the JSA comics right now, btw), not the League, we’ll have to pick another. I could picture Hal Jordan as a Dwarf Ranger/Wizard. Yep. I could build that.

    I think you got Aquaman and Martian Manhunter spot on. Can’t believe I didn’t think of Warlord for Mr J’onzz! Doh!

    Thanks, all!

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