Tiny Misadventures

Short and sweet today, because I’m lost in the Character Optimization boards, prepping Treasure Parcels for an adventure (more on those, another time) and lost in Poser making city-sized sci-fi renders. Not that the renders themselves are city-sized, of course. That would be silly.

Meantime, Tiny Adventures has hit the zenith where patience gives way to shrugged shoulders. It’s falling over so often now that any goodwill it gains from being darned fun and addictive is lost by just not working. Folks are going to walk, not return, and D&D goes down in their estimation. Way to go for screwing up the One Good Digital Thing [1. Discounting Dungeon and Dragon magazine, which are good, but shouldn’t be digital, so don’t count] you’ve done so far, Wizards!

In other news: over in Microlite20-land, the orcs are winning in the great Orcs vs. Hobgoblins debate. If you prefer Hobgobbers, head over and cast your vote now!  Hot in the forums: FrontierLite. Star Frontiers for Microlite20. Oh – feckin’ – yeh!

Coming up: more Character du Jour, including a scythe-wielding female Elven Warlock (just because), and a triple-classed first level Wizard Cleric. No kidding.

UPDATE:Robert Gutschera is now heading the Tiny Adventures team, and has posted an update about their work to fix the problems.

I know people are frustrated things aren’t fixed yet. We’re doing what we can. The problem is, it’s not just a matter of throwing more resources at it — there’s really only one guy who knows the existing code base, so we can only bring in new people on so fast. He’s getting the help he needs now, and if we threw more people at him he’d spend all his time bringing the new people up to speed instead of actually working on the code.

The full post goes into more details. It’s number 23 in this thread over on the Facebook discussion forums. In short: it’s a great app with scalability problems which they’re working to fix.

Yay for updates!

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  1. Gotta agree with you 100% on the D&D Tiny Adventures debacle. I was so into it when it started, and could forgive them teething problems, but it just seems to be getting worse – not better.

    I almost had my wife ready to sign up – and she’s not even a gamer, but seemed vaguely interested in what I’d told her about the game – but there’s no point at the moment.

    Eventually they’re just going to be left with a small hardcore who’ll put up with anything while the rest of us return to regular lives, having lost patience!

  2. Once I realized that I wasn’t actually playing a game, I had to quit. Go on an adventure, then check the results a day later? Not interactive enough for me. Sure, it’s addictive for a day or so, but doesn’t have any staying power for me.

    Still, kudos to WotC for making something so initially addictive.

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