Character du Jour: Rawn Blackraven

“I want his head!”  The Bishop’s chubby hand pounded the table with such force that the inkpot at the opposite end upturned spilling its dark contents into a pool. The priest-messenger stood silently as the Bishop lowered himself back into the throne.

“Rawn Blackraven and his men have stolen enough of my gold! Enough, I say! If you fools cannot bring him to justice then take the Justice of Pelor to him. Set Dunwood aflame. He will come running to save his precious home; capture him then. I trust you are capable of that simple task.”

Underneath the heavy priest’s cowl, Rawn Blackraven gave a thin smile, and bowed. If it’s flames the fat Bishop wants, then it’s flames he shall get………..

To the poor of Dunwood, Rawn Blackraven is nothing less than a saviour. His small (but growing) band of outlaws are all that stands between the demands of the greedy local Church of Pelor and complete poverty. What the Church takes, Rawn returns – usually with interest. Once a minor noble of these parts, Rawn has vowed to restore his own fortune last of all, and will not rest until the peoples of Dunwood are free from the Church’s grip.

Rawn is a cool tactician who leads from the front clad in his distinctive Dwarf-made Blackchain armour. He knows the value of inspiring leadership and will ensure that the Blackraven Banner stands proud as a clear message that they are not mere thieves. More than one soldier has lain down their arms and turned to Rawn’s cause. After all, a soldier’s life under Pelor’s banner is little better than the life of the villagers they are sent to terrorize. Soon Rawn will have an army, and the Bishop will have more to worry about than lost gold.

Dirty Little Secret: Rumours abound that Rawn murdered his younger sister and mother before turning to a life of crime. The rumours are, of course, false and fabricated by the Bishop. However, Rawn’s sister is missing. Where she is and why, no one knows. Or do they……….

Notes: Robin Hood in Black. Oh yeh!

Horses are darned hard to render. As this shows.

Rawn Blackraven Lawful Good Male Human Warlord-5
Str 17, Con 10, Dex 11, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 16

HP 42, bloodied 21, surges 10 x 7/day
AC 19 (Dwarven chain +1), Fort 17, Ref 14, Will 17, Human Perseverance, Mounted Combat, Powerful Charge, Skill Training (Nature)

Longsword +1: +9 vs AC,1d8+4, versatile
Longbow: 2 vs AC,1d10, Load free
Furious Smash/at-will +9 vs fort, Viper’s Strike/at-will +9 vs AC, Wolfpack Tactics/at-will +9 vs AC
Guarding Attack/enc +9 vs AC, Warlord’s Strike/enc +9 vs AC, Crescendo of Violence/enc
Lead the Attack/day +9 vs AC, Turning Point/day +9 vs AC
Combat Leader, Inspiring Word

Athletics +9, Diplomacy +10, Heal +9, History +8, Intimidate +10, Nature +9

Rawn also the proud owner of the Dunwood Battle Standard of Honour which is planted in the ground as a rallying point at the start of every battle. See Wizards’ Excerpts: Battle Standards for details.

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