Bad day at the office dear

Warning: This post contains a cool alien beastie. Oh, and nudity. Though to be honest, if you’re offended by nudity, you’re on the wrong internet. [1. Though technically, she’s not nude because she’s wearing a helmet and a belt-thing. The alien beastie is nude, however. For some reason, naked aliens are acceptable. Unless they’re female & Vulcan] [2. And pixels can’t be nude. You’re looking at a digital image, dammit!] [3. I like footnotes in blogposts. Do you?]

Here’s a quick quiz. What’s the first thing you thought of when you saw this render?

  1. Cool alien!
  2. Wow! Bad breath!
  3. Nice breasts (or rough translation thereof)
  4. Hey, that’s Megaman’s helmet!
  5. The light’s wrong, the contrast is wrong, etc
  6. Neat belt. Wonder where I can get one of those.
  7. I gotta stat him up!
  8. I gotta stat her up!
  9. Ewww. Tongues!!!
  10. That reminds me. What’s for dinner?
  11. or……. something else.

Do tell!

5 Comments on “Bad day at the office dear”

  1. I noticed the Teeth and nothing but the Teeth.

    I actually didn’t notice the bare boobies until you mentioned it. Somebody revoke my heterosexual male license.

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