Character du Jour: Durga Oxleaf

“You big. And ugly. Hmm. You big and ugly. Me, I big too. Not big as you, but big enough. But me not ugly. Me Durga. Shall we fight now?”

There’s little doubt there’s Giantish blood somewhere in Durga’s past; he stands a shade over 7′ and is physically massive to boot. He’s learnt that folks feel more at ease if he plays to the “big but dumb” stereotype, but he’s far from stupid – sometimes, this leads people to under-estimate this huge lummox.

Durga’s needs are simple. He loves children, freedom, sunshine and animals – especially dogs as he admires their uncomplicated loyalty. His most prized possession is his enormous Greataxe +1 crafted for him by a thankful Dwarven clan for helping clear their ancestral home of unwanted guests.

In combat, Durga will try to intimidate his opponents first and give them a chance to flee. If that doesn’t work he’ll charge, using his Cleave and Spinning Sweep to knock weaker opponents around like tenpins before facing off against the toughest foe. He’s wary of magic users and if forced to face one he’ll try to take him down as quickly as possible.

Dirty little secret: Prior to taking up the adventurer’s life, Durga was chief Executioner for a petty warlord. There are certain parts of this world where people still remember his face and he’s far, far from welcome. Durga isn’t proud of this part of his life and still mourns the lives of all the good people who’s head he removed from their shoulders.

Notes: My first 5th level character! Aside from his signature Greataxe +1 I’ve kept magic items out of the mix. Add to taste.

He is. Are you?

Durga Oxleaf Good Male Human Fighter-5
Str 19, Con 14, Dex 14, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 10

HP 53, bloodied 26, surges 13 x 11/day
AC 19 (scale), Fort 19, Ref 15, Will 14, Squares 5, Action Surge, Power Attack, Powerful Charge, Skill Focus (Athletics)

Greataxe +1: +10 vs AC, 1d12+5
Cleave/at-will +10 vs AC, Reaping Strike/at-will +10 vs AC, Tide of Iron/at-will +10 vs AC
Spinning Sweep/enc +10 vs AC, Crushing Blow/enc +10 vs AC
Unstoppable/day, Brute Strike/day +10 vs AC; reliable, Crack the Shell/day +10 vs AC; reliable
Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, 2-handed style

Athletics +14, Endurance +9, Intimidate +7, Streetwise +7

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