So these Kobolds walk into a bar

ChattyDM (who also goes by the alias of Phil) is slowly plotting world dominion and has released his latest evil onslaught on the world. Or he would, except his last batch of minions died in his attempt against the forces of Wolfgang Baur. Not surprising, really.

Anyhow. Clicky linkee to find out all about it. Here’s the elevator pitch for the adventure/series of articles/secret nuclear warheads he’s planning:

A bunch of Kobold ugly ducklings go forth on a Quest to seek out the Tavern-in-the City.  They are to kill the mysterious stranger that sits in the corner, giving quests that always end up destroying their dungeon home.  It’s going to be a 5 scenes, Semi-linear event-based adventure, filled with carefully chosen  Fantasy RPG tropes. Playing time 4 hours.

What he wants us to do is spread the word and shamelessly steal his idea and port it in strange, twisted and non-4e D&D directions.

I mean, how could we refuse?

Approaching the tavern.

I’ll claim the mantle for the very small forces of Microlite20 and provide an all-kobold adventure. Or something; I haven’t decided yet.

Talking of which, my teeny tiny game system had Very Nice words said about it in the latest 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction podcast, and you can follow their progress over on the Microlite20 Forums. Which is pretty awesome, really.

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