Dragon Warriors Week Day Seven

……AAaaaaaaaand here we are at the end of Dragon Warriors Week. We’ve looked at how it handles combat and  what made this wonderful, dinky role-playing game so unique. We’ve looked at it’s monsters, it’s magic, it’s maps and it’s puzzles – and we’ve barely scratched the surface of the game.

I’m going to leave you on this last day of Dragon Warriors Week with a list of just some of the things I’ve not covered. Any one of them is a terrific reason to download the game and take it for a spin. Go on. You know you want to.

  • Assassins as a base class, complete with player usable Poison rules. Oh yes. They’re the Dragon Warriors uber-class, and work best in solo one-on-one sessions. Y’know – that thing that’s….. uhhh….. difficult in 4e.
  • Eighteen complete adventures. Yes, 18, and most are playable in a single session. That’s at least one ready-to-run game session (if you play once a week) for over four months.
  • Elementalists – including Darkness Elementalists
  • Steath and Perception rules that work, just like in 4e D&D. 23 years ahead of time.
  • Warlocks. Also 23 years ahead of time. Assassins + Darkness Elementalist + Warlocks = Dragon Warriors isn’t afraid of evil (or at least morally unconscious) characters
  • The Grey Hood, Blue Men, Black Riders and White Ladies!
  • Bloodrage!
  • Kraken worship!
  • Nightmare Huts! Pirates! Wreckers! Curses! Diseases!
  • Fang Warriors straight out of Jason and the Argonauts!
  • Spider Magic!
  • THE Temple of Balor! Not just “A” temple, but “THE” Temple!
  • The Isle of Albion!
  • Crime and punishment rules including percentage chances to bribe a judge.
  • Jousting rules!
  • ……and much, much more.

Have you geekgasmed yet? I have.

Dragon Warriors is a classic role-playing game released in 1985 as 6 trade paperback books. It is now available for free download. Happy Dragon Warriors Week!

8 Comments on “Dragon Warriors Week Day Seven”

  1. O wow! I LOVE Dragon Warriors. I was an avid GM of the German The Dark Eye rpg (which has similarities), but the system grew into a monstrous absurdity. DW is perfect for me; PLEASE write more about it.


    Recently, I found the first three books on ebay and bought them. Beauty!

  2. The website that teh download is linked to has re-organized, and now the link is dead. Also, I can’t find the game on their new site. Could someone please post a new link?

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