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  1. 1) “Excuse me, barkeep… Barkeep? Now where did he go off to?”

    2) The Drunken Dragon tavern earned its name a little too well.

    3) Man, those Dragonborn are everywhere, these days!

    4) The half-dragon half-giraffe had a hard time fitting in, so he spent a lot of time drinking at the tavern.

    Is that enough? Did I win yet? :P

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  2. “Now if you shade your lanterns, maybe smoke the glass a little, that will do amazing things for your ambiance. And a few more shiny things on the walls. Really, if you want to make people spend money here, you have to make them feel like they’re sitting on a hoard!”

    “Is this place even up to fire code?”

    “I. Said. I. Want. MILK!”

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  3. My first thought when I saw that was that it looked like a theater, with lights up top and such. Which made me think of a certain Something Positive comic, which for the life of me I can’t find. (Trust me, I’ve spent hours on it now — it’s a big archive.)

    Anyway, I’ll try to pull it from memory. It’s a bunch of fantasy creatures at a dress rehearsal for Cabaret (at least I thought it was Cabaret). The producer/A.D./whoever the @$$hole is in the theater is a dragon.

    The quote comes from her criticism of one of the lighting jobs. “That’s supposed to spell ‘Heartache’ but to me it says ‘blue diarrhea’!”

    I probably killed it with all the set up and inside knowledge involved. *sigh*

  4. “Hey! No more ‘So a Dragon walks into a bar’ jokes or I start torching the wenches!”

  5. and the obligatory…

    “You talking in Draconic to me? Are YOU talking in Draconic to ME?!”

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