D and D hits Facebook

If I was King of the Wizards I said that I’d be pushing D&D on Facebook hard.

Looks like I’m not about to accept my crown just yet – Wizards’ have just released TIny Adventure, a D&D Facebook Application. Yay guys! Once you get past the “too many connections” errors (everyone is looking at this one!), first impressions are great!

Way to go for learning your social networking lessons and moving on.

UPDATE The Tiny Adventures page says this:

5pm Thursday, August 21st

Your Server was exploring the dungeon and preparing to battle the mighty dragon when it encountered a horde of good-looking, expert Tiny Adventures players.

Your Server made a server load check with a difficulty of 3700… and rolled 1

Your Server was dominated by the excited players and its CPU was trampled. Your Server headed back to the shop to purchase a huge upgrade for itself and will be back tomorrow. The horde of players was thanked again for their enthusiasm and patience.

Please check back tomorrow afternoon (Friday August 22nd). Your characters are safe and saved, they will be right where you left them.

11 Comments on “D and D hits Facebook”

  1. Oh yes! My character – Goryon, Level 2 Eladrin Wizard (and halfway to third) has ploughed through 5 adventures so far, managing to complete three of them successfully.

    I love that it’s possible to fire-and-forget, setting your character on his merry way then checking back whenever you’ve got the time. I also like that it’s possible to micro-manage just that bit more by selecting when to use your potions. Add in lots of non-combat ideas that I’m going to pull into my 4e game, and it’s a terrific showcase for D&D.

    Heck, it’s a better example of how to run Skill Challenges than I’ve seen to date. In effect, each Tiny Adventure is just that – a Skill Challenge.

    Very clever indeed.

    ‘Course, I’d like more interactivity with some kind of choose-your-own path in there, and be able to play a Tiny Adventure properly as part of a group. Given the limitations of Facebook apps and the target audience though, I think over all it’s bloody good. Addctive too :D

  2. You ARE king of Wizards…but you’ve just been realigned. :D

    This Facebook app looks promising, if I could actually adventure. I don’t get it, and there’s no real help in the FAQ. I click Adventure, I pick an adventure, and then I watch the countdown clock. It says “Event is Ready!” and I click that, and the countdown clock starts again…no adventure, no XP, no nothing.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Propagandroids last blog post..Wizards of the Coast layoffs

  3. Yeh, the new errata from Wizards’ sucks. They’ve changes the name of Neutral from Unaligned to Realigned. Poor blighters.

    @Propagandroid, does any Encounter text appear at the bottom of the page when you click “Event is Ready!”? If not, it’s probably temporarily borked due to server load. Give it a little while and try again later. Patience young jedi – it’s nothing but a typical Facebook app rollout. It’ll calm down soon enough.

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