Character du Jour: Guillan

“Hmmmmm. What? Oh yes, you were asking about Guillan. Of course I remember him. Most people in this town do, and I’m pretty sure he’s barred from every tavern within 5 leagues. He would be my best student if he wasn’t as talented with his fists as he is with his mind. The number of times he entered my lectures with a bloody lip – but then, you should have seen the rest of the students. Heh. They were always in a worse contition than he. Of course, he started it, and never used his magic in a barfight. Lucky for the others, I’d say……………”

Guillan is a pugilist, a hot-head, and a man on edge with a spark in his eye who’s quick to turn an insult into an all out brawl. He’s also a firm ally of anyone he calls friend, and a first-rate Wizard.

Yes, Wizard. Guillan is every bit as quick with his mind as he is with his fists. Thankfully he knows the difference between a friendly tavern brawl and an all-out battle, though he’s not above threatening with a Buning Hands under the nose if things turn nasty.

Dirty Little Secret: Guillan fights to forget. When his talents first manifested he accidentally caused the death of his sister – or so he thinks. In reality her soul is in Limbo, timeless but recoverable. Eventually – maybe – Guillan will have sufficient ability to rescue her.

Notes: Bare-knuckle Wizard! Oh yeh! With 1d4+4 damage he does as much damage with a punch as your average Longsword swing, and once per encounter he can target one foe for +1 to hit and that poor schmuck is Marked – meaning it’s face Guillan, or take a -2 penalty. If things turn nasty Guillan can pull back and use his spells to finish off the poor mook. And, most likely, the mook’s allies too.

Just add Irish accent and stand back.

Guillan Good Male Human Wizard / Fighter-1
Str 16, Con 12, Dex 13, Int 16, Wiz 11, Cha 10

HP 22, bloodied 11, surges 5 x 7/day
AC 13, Fort 14, Ref 14, Will 13, Squares 6, Weapon Focus (Unarmed), Multi-class Fighter

Unarmed Melee: 3 vs AC, 1d4+4
Daggers (x3): +7 vs AC,1d4+3, range , usable off-hand, Thrown: +5 vs AC, 1d4+1
Ghost Sound/at-will,  Light/at-will, Mage Hand/at-will, Prestidigitation/at-will
Cloud of Daggers/at-will +3  vs reflex, Scorching Burst/at-will +3  vs reflex, Thunderwave/at-will +3  vs fortitude
Burning Hands/enc +3i [intelligence] vs reflex, +1 to hit unarmed/enc (target Marked)
Acid Arrow/day +3  vs reflex or Flaming Sphere/day +3  vs reflex

Rituals Known: Comprehend Language, Magic Mouth, Silence
Implement: Wand

Arcana +8, Dungeoneering +5, History +8, Insight +5, Religion +8, Streetwise +5

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