Linux is Boring

I’ve been slogging through the Unfiled entries in this blog, re-organizing 4 years of imported content when I realized it’s been a ridiculously long time since I wrote anything at all about Linux.

Well, there’s a reason for that. Linux has become boring.

Before I’m lynched by the Ubuntu Hordes of Screaming Death, let me explain. Linux has become boring in the same way that a fork or your left leg is boring. It does it’s job quickly, quietly and without fuss or bother.

It doesn’t jump and shout and yell “Look at me! I’m OS X! Aren’t I pretty!”. It doesn’t constantly nag to be fed more memory and disk-space like Vista. It doesn’t spontaneously combust  like XP. It’s just…. there, doing it’s job quietly and efficiently.

In other words, it acts exactly as an Operating System should act.

Just as you wouldn’t blog about forks, or write about your left leg unless there’s either something wrong or highly unusual about it, there’s not much I can write about my Linux setup either. The server runs Slackware and my laptop dual-boots into the latest Ubuntu. Sound, DVD, wifi, graphics and…. well, everything….. works perfectly. My wallpaper is plain black, and all the usual icons and frippery is auto-hidden out of the way. My workspace is mine, all mine.

See? Boring. Good (great, even) but boringly so.

Damn. I love boring.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Debian :D

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