Character du Jour: Iounday Thirty Two

“You cannot harm me!”, howled the Ashen King, “It is prophesied, you fools! Nothing born can touch me!”

“Yeh, I’d heard that,” grunted the Warforged as he neatly removed the King’s head from it’s shoulders in a single blow.

What does a Warforged do when there are no wars left to fight? This was a question Iounday Thirty Two pondered for some time before finally finding an answer that suited: accept the change. In a typical ‘forged leap of logic, he had his mind wiped by Gnome Artificers, leaving only a note to himself containing his name and a single instruction – “you are to be a Cleric of Avandra, god of Change”.

Iounday, like many of his kind, is slow to think and quick to follow orders. He speaks little – though when he does, his words are carefully chosen and carry weight among his friends. His name – if you can call it that – is his designated making record; he was the thirty-first Warforged made on Iounday. Such was the scale of the conflict at the time that no month-name or year is recorded as few ‘forged survived longer than a month. Iounday was one of the few fortunate ones.

Dirty little secret: Like all Warforged, Iounday Thirty Two’s face bears the fleshskin of a once-living being. In his case, it is the face of a long gone and forgotten murderer who was convicted and flayed for his crimes. Sometimes, Iounday has nightmares…………….

DAZ Studio, no postwork.

Iounday Thirty Two Lawful Good Warforged Cleric-1
Str 18, Con 15, Dex 10, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 11

HP 27, bloodied 13, surges 6 x 9/day
AC 16 (Chainmail), Fort 14, Ref 11, Will 14, Squares 5, Power Attack

Warhammer: 4 vs AC, 1d10+4, versatile
Priest’s Shield/at-will +4  vs AC, Righteous Brand/at-will +4  vs AC
Healing Word/2xenc, Warforged Resolve/enc, Divine Fortune/enc, Wrathful Thunder/enc +4  vs AC, Turn Undead/at-will +2  vs will
Avenging Flame/day +4  vs AC

Healer’s Lore, Rituals Known: Gentle Repose,  Make Whole

Endurance +3, Heal +7,  History +6, Insight +7, Religion +6

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