Character du Jour: Syra Pelor's Daughter

The young girl curled up in her rough cot as the elderly nun stroked her cheek. “Tell me again where I came from, Reverend Mother. I want to hear it again!”

The Sister frowned, then quickly masked it with a smile. “Why, you fell from the sky child, a gift from Pelor Himself to this dark land. One day you shall grow wise and strong and take Pelor’s Light out to the darkness that surrounds these lands. We will teach you in the ways of your Father, and the Brothers of Light will teach you how to use  the weapons of our faith. You will be a great person, and shine brightly in Pelor’s name. But now Syra dear, you must sleep.”

These are Syra’s earliest memories, and she holds them close. She fell from the sky. She is Pelor’s Daughter.

Dirty little secret: No, she isn’t. The Brothers of Light believe they have a god-given right to take a child born under certain auspices. Syra is one of their takings – not that she has any clue that this is the case. “Fallen from the sky” is nothing more than a lie wrapped in religious mysticism. Somewhere, she has a real family, and Syra is a crisis of faith waiting to happen.

Awesome pic, even if I say so myself :) Click to enlarge. Go on.

Syra Pelor’s Daughter Lawful Good Female Human Paladin / Cleric-1
Str 13, Con 11, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 18

HP 26, bloodied 13, surges 6 x 10/day
AC 16 (Chainmail), Fort 13, Ref 13, Will 16, Squares 5, Pelor’s Radiance, Multiclass Cleric

Blades of Pelor: +3 vs AC, 1d8+1, Heavy blade, High crit
Divine Challenge/at-will, Bolstering Strike/at-will +6  vs AC, Enfeebling Strike/at-will +6  vs AC, Holy Strike/at-will +3  vs AC
Divine Mettle/enc, Divine Strength/enc, Pelor’s Radiance/enc, Healing Word/enc
Fearsome Smite/enc +6 vs AC, Radiant Delirium/day +4 vs reflex, Lay On Hands 2/day

Diplomacy +9, Heal +7, History +5, Insight +7, Religion +5

The Blades of Pelor (pictured above) count as scimitars for in all respects (proficiency, damage, etc) and are always wielded as a pair with no off-hand penalty.

UPDATE: Here’s the image above re-rendered hi-res for desktop wallpaper.

2 Comments on “Character du Jour: Syra Pelor's Daughter”

  1. So I’ve noticed that you used to mostly render in Poser & now you use Daz. Is it better? Easier? More Powerful? Or just cheaper? And a once you’ve learned one do you pretty much understand both?

    Love the PC Concept/Stats/Picture posts, BTW. Thanks!


  2. Glad you like these :)

    I’ve grown to MUCH prefer DAZ Studio over Poser; it starts more quickly, is more stable, is easier to use and renders faster. And it doesn’t lock-up and randomly re-read the Runtime folder like Poser 6 likes doing. The renders also seems to be better lit, even with the same light setup in both – I’ve tried an identical scene in both, and preferred the results from DAZ. As you say though, the both work in similar ways so it’s not hard to switch between the two.

    The price didn’t make much difference to me as I own both, but as DAZ Studio is free, and (IMHO, better for my needs), that’s the one I’d recommend first, every time.

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