Character du Jour: Darrin llan Azurta

“My name is Darrin llan Azurta. That is to say, I am Darrin, of the Clan Azurta, and therein lays my sorrow. My people did much hurt to this land, and it is the responsibility of all of my living kin to make amends. I am sworn to enter and tear down the fetid temples and dungeons of my people one brick at a time. If you need a guide and someone willing to walk the Shadowpaths with you, I shall serve if you are willing to aid me in my quest in return.”

Darrin is a Shadowpath Ranger; a specialist in tracking and hunting from the shadows and dark ways of the world. He is most at home in the dungeons and remote places of his kinfolk which he has sworn to cleanse of their Taint. While his favoured weapons are paired handaxes, he’s not above picking off foes from a distance with his longbow.

Dirty little secret: What Darrin says is true; but he’s also secretly seeking word of his Father, a powerful Dark Pact Warlock who serves the same infernal powers which first birthed the Tiefling race. What he plans to do when he finds him is anyone’s guess………

Tielflings: horns, yes. Tails, no. So there.

Darrin llan Azurta Good Male Tiefling Ranger-1
Str 16, Con 10, Dex 14, Int 13, Wis 13, Cha14

HP 27, bloodied 13, surges 6 x 6/day
AC 14 (leather jerkin), Fort 14, Ref 13, Will 12, Speed 6, Skill Focus (Stealth)

Handaxes (x2): +5 vs AC, 1d6+3 range 5/10, Thrown: Same as melee
Longbow: +4 vs AC, 1d10+2, range 20/40, Load free
Hit and Run/at-will +5  vs AC, Twin Strike/at-will +5  vs AC
Infernal Wrath/enc, Dire Wolverine Strike/enc +5  vs AC
Jaws of the Wolf/day +5  vs AC
Bloodhunt, Fire Resistance 5, Hunter’s Quarry, Prime Shot

Bluff +4, Dungeoneering +6, Endurance +5, Nature +6, Perception +6, Stealth +12
Common, Elven

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