Rules Compendium Updated

And it’s much, much better.

At first glance, it looks like it’s got a pretty decent search facility (and View All!), more (updated) text and….. get this…… Monsters! OK, the Monster Manual isn’t there (yet), but there’s 86 critters in total covering the first few issues of the mags, Keep on Shadowfell, Into the ShadowHaunt, Treasure of Talon Pass and the DMG. But hey, 86 monsters is 86 monsters, and I ain’t complainin’. I could prep an adventure using the Rules Compendium now, and that’s a thing.

Still no definitions of terms like “Dazed”, etc, but it’s a huge improvement over the 15 minutes throw-together there was before. Now, it looks like it’s had two days’ work put into it, and it’s starting to look usable. Could it become a usable alternative to a 4e full copy of the SRD? Possibly, with a lot more polish and content. Is it worth $10/month? Nope. Here’s hoping the new as-yet-unseen tools are worth it.

But better is better, and that’s good. After all, if you’re going to do this DDI thing, you might as well do it well, eh?

Credit where it’s due. Well done Wizards’!

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  1. since I’m a persistent detractor, i have a reputation to keep up! My comment? There are plenty of entries that are not complete, or missing important parts. Like this one, notice the powers are missing important parts. =D But… thanks for the heads up Greywulf, I’m still digging around DDI compendium and I agree that it is better than it was before. Burnt toast, however, is still burnt toast even if you slather some jam on top. =)

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  2. Hi, jonathon! What can I say? I like burnt toast :) I’m pretty certain there’s omissions and bugs in there. It’s what 4e is good at, after all. (ouch!)

    Unless something significant changes in the next few days (like an announcement of a full-on 4e SRD document – I can but dream), I think the Rules Compendium is as good as it’s going to get. Here’s hoping it’s going to remain free for ever. I doubt it’ll happen though.

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