Character du Jour: Rasko Fenris

“I thought the idea was we were supposed to destroy evil cultists, not bring our own along.” the dwarf grumbled.

“You do know he can hear you, don’t you?” whispered Zyla, as she glided her fingers along the damp dungeon walls with a light caress.

“Don’t care.”, replied Burgiss with a grunt, “I’m awake. He won’t kill me when I’m awake. And I don’t plan to sleep ’till we’re out of this place, at least not while he’s aroun’.”

“You have nothing to fear from me,” Rasko’s voice breathed into Burgiss’ ear. Even though the Warlock walked 30 feet ahead the dwarf could feel his cool breath on his cheek as if he was standing mere inches away. “The stars say your fate is already sealed. Sleep well.”

Rasko Fenris is not a well man. Either that, or he is well, and it is the rest of us who are ill. We hope that it is the former which is true. He lived a normal life until one particularly clear night when……. well, it’s best not to know. Suffice to say that he claims the stars talk to him; sometimes, they tell him to do good things and other times, not so good. Right now, he is in the care of the adventuring party after a legal misunderstanding which left them the choice to either care for Rasko, or face the lunatic asylum themselves. They chose Rasko.

Dirty Little Secret: None. Rasko really is a crazy Star Pact cultist.

Note to self: Rendering crazy people is fun.

Rasko Fenris, Unaligned (Chaotic) Human Star Pact Warlock-1
Str 12, Con 14, Dex 10, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 18

HP 31, bloodied 15, surges 7 x 8/day
AC 13 (Leather jerkin), Fort 13, Ref 13, Will 16, Toughness, Skill Focus (Intimidate)

Daggers (x2): +4 vs AC, 1d4+1, range 5/10, Thrown: +3 vs AC, 1d4
Mace: +3 vs AC, 1d8+1, Versatile
Sling: +2 vs AC, 1d6, range 10/20, Load free
Warlock’s Curse/at-will, Dire Radiance/at-will +2  vs fortitude, Eldritch Blast/at-will +4  vs reflex, Eyebite/at-will +4  vs will
Dreadful Word/enc +4  vs will, Dread Star/day +4  vs will

Fate of the Void, Prime Shot, Shadow Walk

Bluff +9, Insight +5, Intimidate +12 (!!!), Streetwise +9, Thievery +5

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