Werewolves. In. Space.

What’s not to love? I’ll say it again: Werewolves. In. Space. You’re grinning already, I can tell.

Werewolves make fantastic foes in a sci-fi setting. For a start, there’s the limited resources on board a space-ship. How many ships are going to carry silver bullets for a start? Add in confined corridors and a fixed list of victims passengers (one of whom is a werewolf – but which one?) and you’ve the makings of a great horror/murder mystery.

Then there’s the Moon. Not a problem when you’ve a space-ship that can go anywhere in the solar system. Whoever controls the bridge controls the werewolf’s transformation – leading to a tense battle for control of the ship.

Go on. Say it again, quietly this time. Werewolves. In. Space.

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