Thomas Hawk ejected

The SF Museum of Modern Art says on it’s website that photography is allowed, so no less a top-class photography blogger than Thomas Hawk decides to support them and takes his family – and gets forcibly ejected by security guards for taking photographs! All at the instruction of Simon Blint, the museum’s Director of Visitor Relations. Oops. Somehow, I think he kicked out the wrong guy.

In Thomas’ own words, Blint is an “asshole”, and who am I to argue? The evidence is certainly there; he wouldn’t discuss the matter with Thomas; he clearly “didn’t care”, and Thomas has checked in advance (both at the site, and with the Marketing Department) that photography was OK. And Blint seems to think that a 14mm wide-angle lens is a telephoto. Clearly an idiot! :)

Repeat this until you’re blue in the face: Photography is not a crime. Photography is not terrorism. In the (rare) event of terrorist acts, the authorities routinely call for photographers to come forward in case they have taken shots that could be used as evidence. Photography helps. I’ll say it again: Photography is not a crime.

Unfortunately, neither is being an asshole; at the very least, Thomas deserves an apology and a free family pass. As for Blint – maybe Public Relations isn’t his calling and he should look elsewhere for employment Hey, I’m only saying.

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