For Persia!

Man, I’m having a blast painting minis again for the first time in…. uhhhh….. decades. I’ve finished 7 out of the 42 Persian Infantry (or, as Christa called ’em, Smurfs. Oh the ignominy!), so there’s just 35 to go! I’ve 3 with shields and akinakes (short swords), and 4 kneeling with composite recurve bows. For a first attempt at painting after such a long time, I’m pretty pleased with the results – I’ll post pics tomorrow. Suffice to say though, they look nothing like this……..

DAZ Studio, no postwork

There’s a lot that’s fun about the Ancient Persian Empires. For a start, it’s not one of your usual candidates for Ancient History. At least around here, you don’t learn much about Persia at school (other than the fact they fought the Greeks, a lot). This means there’s a lot to discover for yourself, and Persia is a whole ‘nuther ball game when it comes to clothing, warfare, religion and culture.

In other words, it’s prime hunting ground as a role-playing resource too. Persia is the land of the Arabian Nights, the inspiration for AD&D’s Al-Qadim, home of the Prince of Persia series of games and a land that virtually defines magic, mystery and political intrigue. Add in the echoes from today’s media about Iran (same place, different name) and you’ve the potential for a game that can spread epochs; why not run a D&D game in set in Achaemenid Persia around 500BC then follow it with a d20 Modern session in present-day Iran?

If you’d like to know more about Persia, here’s a good a place to get started. In the meantime, if anyone can suggest a good Persian-themed RPG sourcebook, I’d be grateful.

Me? I’ll be painting minis :)

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