A Challenge by Moonlight

The hot news around the RPG blogosphere today is that Wizards’ have released more information about D&D Insider. Rather than repeat myself, I’ll re-post what I posted in the comments at Critical Hits. Right after this spiffing image by yours truly.

DAZ Studio, no postwork. Click to embiggen.

Don’t you just love centaurs? I do!

Price-wise, I think they’ve got things spot on for Dungeon and Dragon mags alone, provided the quality remains (or exceeds) the level they’re putting out today. I’ve been very impressed with what they’ve delivered over the last few months in that respect.

The bonus tools are “meh”. Asmor is doing it better, quicker and freer already. The Rules Compendium – honestly, trying to tell us that a database lookup table with a crippled search is “the next big thing” just doesn’t cut it nowadays. Give me their database and ruby-on-rails and I could reproduce it within 15 minutes. Give me an hour and I could make it a darned site better. It’s very, very poor.

And as for the rest of the goodies – I’m very much on the “wait and see but not holding my breath” side of the fence. I certainly wouldn’t consider a subscription based on something I haven’t seen with my own eyes. IF everything works as promised (and that’s a big if), then $60 a year for everything including Dungeon and Dragon subs will be a bargain.

As it stands, I think they’re promising just a little too much, have failed to deliver anything close to what they’ve said. And that’s going to cause a lot of people to back off.

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  1. I have a certain soft spot for centaurs myself. My dad really liked them, and his best-selling book had one on the cover (for the edition that I will always associate with it) and so as a result he had a lot of centaur paraphernalia in his office.

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