Adventure ideas from the news

If there’s one thing I love, it’s being able to lift ideas straight from today’s headlines. For a superheroes game Real Life is perfect fodder, and it grounds those spandex-clad flying dudes in something that approximates reality. The look on the player’s faces when you hand them a printout from the BBC News website then say “This is what really happened…..” is priceless.

Outside the any modern day genre, the stories will take a little more effort to adapt, but there’s usually something worth lifting from those news feeds.

Here’s a handful, straight from today’s feed:

  • Olympic Fever – Perhaps an airborn virus (something like Wild card) is affecting athletes, turning them into super-powered crazies. Only teamwork and experience can win the day!
  • Storm distrupts Olympic build-up – Perhaps as a follow up to the previous adventure, here’s a tropical storm to add to the mix. Someone is playing with the weather, using it to carry the virus. Which leads us to…….
  • Supercomputer to improve UK weather – They’re talking about improving prediction, of course. But what if they weren’t? Fighting computer-controlled tornadoes is fun!
  • Italian hostages freed in Somalia – Hostage rescue stories – Hostage rescue stories always make for great plotlines. Pick some faraway place so that the heroes are in unfamiliar territory, give them a simple directive (or add plot twists to taste), and let ’em go. If this is D&D, have the hostages be in Chult or some other savage, land.

That’ll do for now. So recap: Real world news = adventure fodder. Yay!

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