Bruce Baugh Reviews Microlite20

…. and likes it, a lot.

What’s impressive about this is that it actually covers, in very simple form, at least three-quarters or so of what ever goes on in the typical D&D campaign. With these rules one can rule epic pre-written adventures and ongoing storylines, use great resources published for D&D over the decades, everything, just very fast. I got out the single hardest game writing gig I ever had, involving high-level necromancers for a 3rd edition D&D setting – one that went slower and involved more strain and calls for help than anything I’ve ever done – and found that, yes, I could convey their essence in just a few lines of rules and notes Microlite d20-style.

Thanks, Bruce!

(oh, and if you don’t know just how prolific and downright awesome Bruce is as an author, here’s his writing credits. When the Gamma World dude likes your stuff, you’re doing something right, eh?)

A heartfelt well done to Microlite20 contributors and players (and future players!) everywhere.

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