Spots Versus Stripes

My money is on Stripes, though I reckon the baby giraffe has spotted (no pun intended) the danger.

Imagine seeing this on Safari. You’d crap your pants, for sure :)

Tiger Dragon dude. Freakin’ Tiger Dragon.

Here’s the Microlite20 stats:

HD 10, 78hp. AC 21. Bite or Claw +17 (1d8+7). STR24, DEX 16, MIND 8. Sub@13, All others@10

Tiger Dragons are native to the plains and savannahs of ancient Afrik. As one of the many dragon breeds lacking a breath attack, the Tiger Dragon has evolved into a truly awesome creature combining raw cunning and stealth with a patience that’s notable even among dragonkind. They usually fly high overhead until locating a sizable herd of elephants, wildebeasts or giraffes. They will then land downwind some distance away and carefully approach on foot, taking as long as half a day to reach their prey before attacking, sometimes mere feet from their quarry. Tiger Dragons rarely attack the elven and human tribes of the area, much preferring larger game. Even so, the presence of a Tiger Dragon is likely to result in many deaths as the tribes strive to remove this most fearsome predator from their territory.
DAZ Studio, no postwork

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