Dear Tiscali: P*** off.

Dear Tiscali,

No, I do not give you permission to monitor my traffic. I do not allow you to watch what I am doing online any more than I allow the Royal Mail to open my post. You provide my Internet connection (poorly, I might add – we’ve been down more than up this month). I expect you to provide a service in return for cold hard cash. I expect – and deserve – nothing less than excellent customer service, not the piss poor joke you laughingly and insultingly call a “customer care line”. Overpriced national-rate phone lines should never, ever be used when customer service is involved. Make it local-rate – or, better yet, free. It’s what I pay for, after all.

More than that, I expect you to deal with me in a professional manner, not treat me like some kind of terrorist or criminal.

If I commit an illegal act, that’s for the courts to decide. Not you, and not the BPI. Here in the UK we have, and expect, due process. Monitoring traffic – any traffic – without a warrant is a gross invasion of privacy, and arguably an illegal act in itself, whatever the BPI may think. I do not want your employees having access to what I do online. I do not want anyone having access to what I do online.

If you cannot provide the service for which we paid, we (and I suspect, thousands of others) will leave.

Sort yourselves out, fuckwits. Without your customers, you’re history. End of.


Robin V. Stacey

UPDATE: Essential reading:

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