Meet Silversmith

Here’s Eric Smith, AKA Silversmith and the latest member of my Metal Works Mutants & Masterminds hero team. The other members are Lead, Copper, Mercury (original) and, of course, Agent Gold (stats).

He’s Silver. His name is Smith. He’s called Silversmith! Don’t you just love superhero names? :)

Eric Smith was your average underpaid security guard when a supervillain group attempted to steal a pallet of silver bullion. They were using recently stolen hi-tech weaponry and one fired at Eric with some strange ionic cannon. The beam passed straight through him, and hit the bullion. It melted, coating poor Eric completely in pure silver which (thanks to the ionic beam) completely merged with his body. The villains fled, and a new hero was born.

Silversmith is pretty strong, very well armoured and possesses super-speed thanks to “ionic fluctuations” (or some other wierd science crap). Cross lower-powered Juggernaut with a low-level Flash, and you’re there. Eric’s loving being part of a team, living in a mansion and not having to worry about money for the first time in his life. He’s a good kid brought up on the wrong side of the poverty line, and appreciates the irony that he’s literally wearing around $10 million!

There’s one small problem. The silver that is now a part of his body was drug money. And it’s “rightful” owners want it back.

Now, I really need up update this roll call shot!

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