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No suggestions on the title… but a few for the render to get that troll to sit in there a bit better.

Try to match your black levels – right now the dark areas on the troll (armpit) is much blacker than any shadow in the bg still. (Photoshop levels or curves)

You could add a faint light pointing straight up – this will sort of help mimic the bounce from the ground. Maybe tint this light (very subtle!) with a bit of green.

If you can, cast some very soft shadows on your character using a gobo(say an image of branches, or maybe just a general fractal) to break up the lighting on him. There are some areas on the ground that look like fairly bright sunlight is making it through – would be nice if the same effect was hitting him.

Finally – if you can, soften the outer edge – he looks very crisp. A bit of a light wrap effect would

(heh, the clone job on the ground/bg trees is a little sketchy, but it doesn’t leap out at first glance)

Anyways, nice to see someone starting out with 3D and having so much fun.

– Ablefish 2008-07-05 08:18 UTC

You’re right of course – I could have spent more time on this image – and all the others too :) If this was a commercial project or something I really wanted to get right, that’s exactly what I would do. As this is just for fun though, I’m usually happy to hit render and if I like what I see, I’ll post it up here, imperfections and all.

And, it’s definitely fun :)

GreyWulf 2008-07-05 08:41 UTC

I think it’s a great render :D
And sometimes you got to choose if you want to be just technical or having fun. I can get stuck in the same render for ages because I can’t get the light right, but after a while the fun vanish. And getting fed up with it makes for no progress.

So have fun. That’s the main thing :)

Christa 2008-07-05 10:47 UTC

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