Conspiracy Theory

4ereviews’ review of 4e Combat says:

First, traditional numerical conspiracy theory. since Shift-4 is $, the dollar sign… Shift-1 is ! which is the exclaimation point of 1st Edition arriving on the scene, the creation, the wellspring. Shift-2 is @, where it’s at, many of us old-timers played the hell out of 2nd Edition in various forms, including the Gold Box computer games. Shift-3 is #, where the designers used number crunching to bring back balance to the game we all love…

So if 1st Edition was ! (an exclamation), 2nd Edition was @ (where it’s at), 3e was # (number crunching) and 4e is $ (all about makin’ money for Wizards), will Fifth Edition be percentile based?

Hey, I’m only askin’! :D

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