Chris Pramas Nails It

Over on his blog, Chris Pramas (god of Green Ronin and all things Good) rants about what’s wrong with the 4e PHB, and gets it spot on. He quickly puts to bed any detractors who think he may have ulterior motives for badmouthing a product from Wizards’. Perish the thought! He goes on….

My assessment after having the books for a few weeks: it fails.
I say this because ultimately the new Player’s Handbook is not a viable entry point for most new players. Now I know there are some entry products coming down the pipe, but to my mind a new player should be able to read the PHB and learn how to play the game. Entry sets come and go and stores may or may not have them in stock, but the Player’s Handbook will always be there. It is the cornerstone of the line, the book that sells better than all others. It should be approachable and friendly to new players.

4e is great, but the PHB is…. well, let’s say it’s less than perfect, for all the reasons Chris details. It’s not new player friendly, poorly laid out and lacks the essentials of decent examples, full length index or glossary.

Couldn’t put it better myself, really.

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