If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Watch out for the woman with the big flashy stick.


In other news: ChattyDM is talking about Fridges, Free RPG Day is almost upon us and the Spore Character Creator Trial is freakin’ awesome. Prepare to giggle as they wiggle. The Creatures, not Chatty. Or the fridge. That would be silly.

Microlite20 now has rules for Martial Arts, Spacecraft and Anthropomorphic Races so you can finally play that Space Ninja Monkey game you’ve always wanted.

Also, Steve from Myth Merchant Press has very kindly sent a copy of Trouble in Tallreed Waters for me to review, so I’m going to give that a fair chunk of attention over the weekend and do just that on Monday. If you can’t wait until then, my first impression is that it’s very, very good indeed!

Night, y’all.

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