Russell T Davros
The Sun says I can’t reproduce the collection of ones-and-zeros shown above. Wonder how they got their grubby mitts on it in the first place!

For months, I’ve been saying to my boys that Davros just has to make a come-back to Doctor Who. I primed them chock full o’ Davros knowledge, so they know all about him being blown up with egg cartons, the origin of the Daleks, his long running enmity with the Doctor and all the rest. We’ve called the creator of this current run of Doctor Who Russell T Davros for so long, that it’s stopped being a joke and become his real name to us.

Then, we saw the latest trailer, and just knew from that blue glow in the shadows that Davros was making his return. Boo yah!

Now, The Sun newspaper (paradigm of truth-in-journalism that it is) has broken the story we all wanted to read: Davros is back, complete with added Hot Red Dalek Naked Action! Bet I get some Google hits for that phrase…….

See? Sometimes, there is good news in the news. Even when it’s in The Sun.

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