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We can get rid of the grid, but is it really going to be faster than using it? As a Warhammer 40,000 player, I’ve found myselfing wishing for a grid at some point to speed things up.

It’s nice that we have that option though.

gamefiend 2008-06-13 23:54 UTC

True :)

As you say, it’s great to have that option. I plan to try both and see which suits best.

GreyWulf 2008-06-14 08:30 UTC

I like the spirit you’re working in, but your argument about the measurement change is specious. You could always use the ruler for gridless measurement…we do this all the time in 3.5, and sometimes use a bendy drafting curve for zig-zagging, measuring or counting squares as necessary depending on whichever one is faster. All the 4e measurement change does is make the by-the-book distances about 4 times more “off” than the “almost pythagoras” distances of 3.x.

– Cole 2008-06-16 13:54 UTC

I don’t follow your math….. please explain. How can the measurement change be 4 times off?

GreyWulf 2008-06-16 19:49 UTC

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