The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Jedi

Here’s a quick and handy way to get kids hooked on Julie Andrews: watch The Sound of Music with them, and pretend it’s a Star Wars movie. Get them imagining Stormtroopers are chargng up the mountainside toward Maria as she’s singing “The Hills are alive….” and when she’s twirling round, pretend she’s kicking their white butts with killer Nun Jedi moves.

It works. Seriously.

Keeping this going, we re-imagined the Mother Abbess as Yoda (in a habit!) and made up new Star Wars inspired lyrics on the spot. We simply re-set the Captain Von Trapp as a Grand Moff in the Imerpial army, and his children as Jedi Apprentices in his care, and our work was done.

The Sound of Music would rock as a Star Wars movie.

What you think?

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