Eurovision has always been a strange beast. It’s long been home to bad music, terrible costumes and apalling presenters, but this years’ show plumbed new depths.

That Doctor Who was replaced with this is, frankly, a bad joke. Heck, before Eurovision we had two eminently forgettable programs that could easily have been shifted to BBC 2 or whatever and replaced with Doctor Who, but oh no – the best show currently on BBC gets kicked off the schedules instead. Right now, it’s one of the most watched, and most highly awarded TV show that the BBC owns, but that counts for nothing, clearly.

The scheduling for this series of Doctor Who is lousy; it’s almost reminiscent of the end of the final run of the series from the late ‘80s when the BBC controller intentionally shifted it all over the place in a (successful) effort to kill it off. C’mon people. What is going on??! Doctor Who needs, and deserves, a time slot (no pun intended) that’s set in stone. So give it one already.

But anyway. Eurovision.

We watched the whole things from start to finish. It’s car crash TV at it’s finest full of acts ranging from the gloriously cheezy to the downright bizarre, with the Spanish entry right at the top of the wierdness. It wasn’t alone though; I’m slowly becoming convinced that Finland is actually some secret Klingon Empire that’s been allowed into Europe due to a Federation beaurocratic cock-up.

But hey, it’s all fun and predictable. All of the Eastern European nations voted for each other and Terry Wogan threatens to quit yet again because England comes last ‘cos Europe (quite rightly) hates our guts for being Bush’s lapdog. He ought to just quit already instead of just getting depressed about the whole thing. I’d expect a slew of “real” European nations to quit the show next year; I hope Spain do instead of entering again :)

Whatever happens though, I’m sure I’ll watch it all over again next year.

I just hope this time they don’t screw with Doctor Who.

Talking of which, there’s a new trailer for the rest of the season available online (if you’re in the UK). The Return of Davros? Fingers crossed!!

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