Hot Naked Gladiator Action

UPDATE: Here they are!
Not done in Poser because MY LAPTOP KEEPS LOCKING UP.

See the picture above? No, neither do I.

What it should be is a Poser render of hot naked gladiator women wielding huge battle axes. That’s the theory anyway, and I know it’s something you’ll all be wanting to see. But……..

My damned laptop is going through it’s “no, I don’t want to.” phase again. It can work just fine for a few days, then start locking up completely for no reason whatsoever while it’s doing exactly the same things that worked the day before. Heck, it’s even locking up straight after a reboot. Or even during.

And before you ask, it’s doing exactly the same thing under both XP and Linux, so it’s not a software or Windows problem, just this once.

It’s either a hard drive fault that’s just going to get worse, or a motherboard fault and I’m totally screwed. As the laptop also locks up when I plug in a USB device such as a card reader, I’m guessing it’s the mobo that’s poorly. Dammit.

So, until the laptop decides to behave again, you’re just going to have to imagine what the hot naked gladiatrixes look like. When it finally decides to be good, I’ll post them up.


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