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You won’t be surprised to find that I disagree with you. However, instead of making the same arguments that are happening ad nauseum over the Internet right now, perhaps you can stay what IS D&D to you? I’m tempted to make a similar post.

Dave T. Game 2008-05-15 13:45 UTC

I liked Justin Alexander’s post.

Alex Schröder 2008-05-15 14:25 UTC

@Dave D&D is an escape into my imagination. I use the rules as a way to go there. When the rules get in the way of doing that, I lose my interest in the game.

To be honest, I haven’t played enough of 3/3.x to love it/hate it. I just remember D&D from my youth and from how we played it – if the rule was stupid, we threw it out. If it worked, we used it.

Chgowiz 2008-05-15 15:03 UTC

@Dave Lol! We never agree, do we?! :D You’re right, I that’s a good topic for a post. I’ll add it to my todo list.

@Alex Justin’s good at the analysis in particular. A good blog to watch.

@Chgowiz It doesn’t surprise me what we have similar tastes at all :) I’ve played more than enough 3e though to love it, then hate it, then love it again. I suspect that for all my grumbling, it’ll be just the same with 4th Edition.

GreyWulf 2008-05-15 18:23 UTC

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