You Did It

Folks, you (not I, you, you lovely people) have hit the $90 target and Microlite20 will shortly have a new home. And that home will be………

We have the account. We have the domain. And I’m putting the site together as I type. I’m keeping it under wraps for a little while as things are under construction. Hopefully by late tomorrow (UK time) I’ll take the wrapper off. There’ll still be lots to do – I won’t even have finished migrating the old site by then – but I want to show you where your pennies have been spent.

Oh, and if you haven’t donated yet, I’m keeping the Donation box open for Microlite20, so make a donation! Donaters get premium access to the site including blogspace, the ability to post your own House Rules and Story Hours, and much more.

I expect the main site will take the best part of a week to put in place, and another week or so to have the forums and store up and running.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a site to build………………..


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