The End Of Radioactive Man
Or is it???!!!………..

Wow. Just…. wow.

We’re two-thirds of the way to the target for the Microlite20 Fundraiser! already, in less that 24 hours. That’s $60 going toward two years’ hosting and registration for the shiny new Microlite20 site (link to old site). Just $30 to go, and I get busybusy :)

Sure, it’s not a huge amount. But what it means, means a lot.

I’m amazed. I’m amazed that so many grok M20 in the first place, and I’m downright overwhelmed that folks are actually wanting to contribute and help build a Microlite20 site to be proud of. It kinda proves those Open Source ethics work after all, and that fills me with warm fuzzies.

Time for a confession. I didn’t expect this to work. I expected to post, and not get a raw bean to help M20, leaving me with the choice of either setting up the site myself (no biggie, but I really want this to be a community site from the ground up), or just leave it where it was – which isn’t a great option for anyone. It’s good to see folks pulling together, not just in donations, but pushing the message on their own blogs too.

That rocks!

Thanks, y’all :)

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