Down And Out

Our servers were down for the whole of yesterday, and that’s enough for me to finally decide to give them the boot.

Among other things, I want a new home for Microlite20. If generates more page hits than everything else combined and has a fanbase that, frankly, deserves better. More to the point, in the near future I’m going to be releasing print-on-demand versions of the rules, and that means I need a solid, stable and reliable hostbase. I’ve selected MochaHost as the provider, and decided to appeal to the Mictolite20 community to make it happen. Rather than repeat myself as to how or why, check out the Microlite Fundraiser! page (not hosted here!) for details. If you feel the urge to make a donation, I won’t stop you :)

Greywulf::Net itself will remain here, as will ::DEV, but my other sub-sites (including this wikiblog!) will gradually migrate over or disappear. Save Or Die will be reborn as a sub-part of the Microlite20 site providing D&D specific conetent when my D&D enthusiasm returns. Soon, I hope!

Right now, I’m planning and plotting how to make the migration as painless (for me) as possible.

Fun times!

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