Not Fightin' But Dancin'
Poser, no postwork


Yesterday our used-to-be-good-but-now-is-slow-as-crap Tiscali broadband connection decided to curl up and die completely, meriting our 3rd ‘phonecall to India in four days. Seriously, Indian call-centres annoy the HECK out of me. Just once, I’d like to be able to have a phonecall with tech support which doesn’t mainly consist of me saying “pardon?” because I can’t understand them, and them saying “pardon?” because they don’t understand me. Speaking and understanding English should be a prime requirement for a job in a call centre wherever it’s based, wouldn’t you think? Not that I would dare to suggest that companies select such people just to force you to stay on the (premium rate) line even longer. Oh no……….

But anyway.

The downtime meant I could crack Poser wide open and make a whole raft of renders (good alliteration, there), of which Hulk above was the first. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • The End of Radioactive Man (or is it?)
  • Lady Green; a flying blasting superheroine gal
  • Where Do They Begin; in which a techno angel surveys a bloody scene
  • The Omega Family; my take on The Incredibles
  • Not All Rogues Wear Black; Aladin!

They’ll all be coming up Real Soon. Over the weekend I also took real, honest to goodness photos from the Joust Festival at Bolsover Castle. They’ll be hitting my flickr feed over the next few days too. Which is nice.

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